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Sales & Business Development (B2B + B2G)

As an Advisor & Manager

(B2B & B2G)


Setup Sales & Business Development:

  • Organization, Structures, Processes, CRM, Documents etc.

  • Go-2-Market Strategies customized per market

  • Initial Strategic sales & LOIs to maximize Company valuation

  • Global scale-up of Sales reach & Market entries

Startup Mentoring (Berlin - Munich - Zurich - Lausanne)

  • Sales Department Restructuring / Reorientation

  • Strategic Account Turn-Arounds / Entries / Boosting

  • Lobbying / Market Entries

CEO or COO in times of need


Swiss Board-Mandates (Verwaltungsrat of AG)

Services in Sales, Business Development or as Agent


Mandated representative


Independent exclusive Agent with focus on:


Healthcare & Emergency Services, Infrastructure & Smart Cities, Aerospace & Homeland Security, Oil & Gas, Wastewater, TelCo



Industry 4.0 (IIoT, CPS, Cloud, GIS) & Smart Oilfields, Wastewater & Chemicals, Smart & Green Buildings, Rail & Traffic, Smart Grids



Suppliers, Manufactures, OEMs, Importers, Distributors, Service Providers, General Contractors

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